Compassionate Discipline is right for you if you care about learners.

Customise it with the values that matter to you and we will show you how to integrate them into the school community. Suitable for primary and secondary schools.

Available in Afrikaans or English - Free of charge - Running since 2015 - Reference schools available.

  • Governing Bodies: Our service provides stellar discipline processes with correct paper trails that solves problematic issues.

  • Teaching staff: Handle any incident under 1 minute and provide facts to parents detailing learner behaviour patterns. Positive outcomes that teaches better future performance.

  • Parents: Detailed behaviour reports with positive and negative incidents for a well balanced view of your child. Standardised outcomes ensures fairness and encourages good relationships.

Tip of the Day

At least 1 out of every 10 people that influence an individual profoundly is a teacher - your inputs now is going to bear good fruit in the future.